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Renovating for climate and nature

You might have seen the scaffolding, skips and hard hats around Audlem Methodist Church recently. It’s all in aid of a major renovation, which Property Steward Nancy-May Goodwin hopes will make it, “the greenest church in Cheshire, if not the North-West!” You can see for yourself by popping in to see the work in progress as part of Audlem’s Climate and Nature Event on Saturday, 18 September between 10 am and 4 pm.

“We’re doing it because the building needs it,” says Nancy-May, “but we’re also doing it because, faced by a climate and nature emergency, it’s the right thing to do.”

Off came the 1800s roof, a double layer of insulation went in, and the roof was put back on. Out went all the electricity guzzling halogen lights, and in came energy efficient LED lights. Away went the polluting oil-fired heating system, replaced with a clean air-to-air heating system.

The renovations include the environment around the church, too, as the garden has been re-landscaped. “The garden will be open to all as a quiet place in nature for contemplation or prayer,” says Nancy-May. “Regrettably, two diseased trees had to be felled for safety reasons, but we have kept the trunks and given them new life as beautiful sculptures. And new trees will be planted.”

Such renovation does not come cheaply. “We would like to do even more,” says Nancy-May. “We want to add solar panels, but our budget won't stretch that far yet.” But if you'd like to be part of our journey, donations would be most welcome at the church’s website, click on the 'Donate with DONA' button.

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