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New Climate Change Committee report

14/01/2021 – by Andy Hannah
image 6th carbon budget cover

December 2020 saw the publishing of the UK's sixth carbon budget recommendation by the Climate Change Committee (CCC), the government's independent expert advisers on the pathway to its net-zero commitment. It's a weighty document and not a particularly easy read, but I thought a couple of points were noteworthy in the context of ACER, and both of these were picked up by the
media in their reaction to the publication.

Firstly, the cost to the UK economy of achieving net-zero by 2050 has been revised downward, reflecting falling costs of low carbon technologies and better understanding of the predicted cost savings in the later years of the pathway. This is good news as it makes the achievement of the goal more likely.

Secondly, and perhaps more interesting in relation to ACER, is the large increase in the role of societal and behaviour changes in achieving net zero. In 2019, the CCC modelling predicted that 9% of the emissions reduction was associated largely with societal or behaviour changes. In the new report this has risen to 16% for the period to 2035. A further 43% involves at least some societal / behavioural involvement. So, our involvement as individuals during the coming years is being seen as more important than ever. The report says: "Shifting quickly towards healthier diets, reducing growth in aviation demand and choosing products that last longer and therefore improve resource efficiency are all key." It is being recognised that some things are just down to us and the choice we make.

All the more reason to get involved with carbon emissions reduction here in Audlem through ACER!

Andy Hannah
14th January 2021

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