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Kicking off the Great Big Green Week in Audlem

Audlem's Climate and Nature Event kicked off the national Great Big Green Week on Saturday, 18 September 2021. ACER groups 1st Audlem Guides, Audlem WI, Audlem Wildlife and Ecology Group (AWEG) and ADAPT set up displays and activities at the Buttermarket in the centre of Audlem. Nearby, Audlem Methodist Church opened its doors for visitors to see work in progress on renovations that they hope will make it the greenest church in Cheshire!

The Guides gave away seed bombs, environmentally-friendly household products and chocolate. The WI invited visitors to make pledges to save water, save energy and reduce food waste and provided relevant information. AWEG shared tips on protecting biodiversity and regenerating nature in our gardens and asked us to think about what will happen if we do nothing about climate heating. ADAPT shared tips on food, travel and home energy. John Curran, a Keele University Masters student and 'Green Broker' by profession, was on hand with tips about investing wisely for the environment.

The Cheshire East Council Climate Champion, Quentin Abel, and Walking and Cycling Champion, Suzie Akers-Smith, and Audlem Ward Councillor, Rachel Bailey, and the Vice-Chair of Audlem Parish Council, Dez Winskill, were all available to listen to the concerns of visitors about the climate and nature emergency.

Visitors were invited to vote on the top three climate and nature actions that Audlem Parish Council should focus on, or to suggest other priority actions.

There was a Countdown to Net Zero – the clock is ticking! chart for people to fill in the name of their youngest relation when she or he comes of age and/or reaches 30 years of age – this was to stimulate thinking about the changes that our children and grandchildren will have to cope with as the clock ticks down and the years pass towards the UK meeting its emissions reduction targets in 2035 and 2050.

There was a Cheshire East Climate Alliance petition to sign, calling on leaders at the COP26 global climate summit to take urgent action now to prevent runaway climate change destroying our children's lives. The timing of the event was all about raising awareness of upcoming global climate and biodiversity summits at which our leaders need to step up and commit to the actions needed to avert catastrophe and commit the resources needed to implement the actions – no more blah blah blah!

The event was held under the slogan '9 things we can all do about climate change' based on advice from the Grantham Institute at Imperial College, London. They are:

  • 1. Make your voice heard by those in power
  • 2. Eat less meat and dairy
  • 3. Cut back on flying
  • 4. Leave the car at home
  • 5. Reduce your energy use, and bills
  • 6. Respect and protect green spaces
  • 7. Invest your money wisely
  • 8. Cut consumption – and waste
  • 9. Talk about the changes you make

All 9 were reflected in the displays and activities at Audlem's Climate and Nature Event.

Help Audlem in the fight against climate change.

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