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Guides protecting our environment

01/04/2021 – by Daisy Brazier

My name is Daisy Brazier and I am a 1st Audlem Guide. From a young age I have had an interest in protecting our environment. It started with my love for animals and becoming aware of plastic being thrown away and it finding its way into the oceans killing its marine life. We go to the beach quite regularly in Wales and I am always shocked about the amount of rubbish and plastic we see. I always collect it and remove it when I am there.

I have also always been keen to recycle as much as possible and I am so pleased that our Guide group decided to recycle crisp packets and cheese packaging for the whole of Audlem. I am amazed at how many we collect!

The vision Audlem Guides have to contribute to a cleaner, greener more sustainable future makes me very proud and I really enjoyed spreading the message by delivering leaflets. It is important that everyone does their bit as we can all make a change.

This year because of lockdown we have been using our car less, staying at home and getting back to nature. At home my Mum has started growing flowers which I have enjoyed helping her with. It has shown me how important bees and butterflies are as well as ladybirds! Also, eco-friendly ways to protect plants without using nasty chemicals such as baking egg shells, also composting our food peelings, recycling ours, friends and family’s jam jars to hold flower gifts and not using any floral foam in arrangements but chicken wire and moss. My Dad has even started to use loose leaf tea instead of tea bags!

I know it is important to look for other ways to be eco-friendly to live our lives and as a young person it is key to fight for our future and our environment.

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