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ACER Ready Steady Go!

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A leaflet is dropping through letterboxes in Audlem, Buerton and Hankelow signalling the launch of ACER, the Audlem Carbon Emissions Reduction project.

Recently, Sir David Attenborough warned, "We are facing a crisis, and one that has consequences for us all." But while presenting the facts about extinctions, he observed positively, "One thing we do know is that if nature is given the chance, it can bounce back." And he concluded, "What happens next is up to every one of us."

So, what can we do? First, every one of us can learn about our own carbon footprint at or just search 'wwf footprint'. While there, we can explore tips for actions to reduce emissions related to food, home energy, travel and stuff. By doing some actions every one of us can start cutting our carbon footprints straight away!

We can make a difference! Collectively, our individual actions will combine to substantially reduce the carbon footprint of Audlem and District – a fantastic contribution by our community to achieving the UK's net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target.

The ACER project is here to help with this website where households can get information, keep up-to-date, and share experiences of cutting carbon emissions.

ACER is co-ordinated by a team of representatives from Audlem Parish Council, 1st Audlem Guides, Audlem Cubs, Audlem Women's Institute, AWEG and ADAPT. Contact us by email at

David Attenborough believes that, together, we can make a better future: "If we make the right decisions at this critical moment, we can safeguard our planet's ecosystem, its extraordinary biodiversity and all its inhabitants." Ready? Steady? Go!

Help Audlem in the fight against climate change.

Make a better future for our children.

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