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Taking the pledge!

At Audlem's Climate and Nature Event on Saturday, 18 September 2021, Audlem WI invited visitors to pledge to save water, save energy and reduce food waste. The WI's display had information about...

Great Big Green Week in Audlem

Audlem's Climate and Nature Event kicked off the national Great Big Green Week on Saturday, 18 September 2021. ACER groups 1st Audlem Guides, Audlem WI, Audlem Wildlife and Ecology Group (AWEG) and...

Regenerating nature in Audlem
29/09/2021 – Roger Cole

ACER ideas on local actions that can be taken to both reduce Carbon Footprints and stem the increasing loss of biodiversity. The UN COP15 Biodiversity conference in China in October 2021 and April-May...

Renovating for climate and nature

You might have seen the scaffolding, skips and hard hats around Audlem Methodist Church recently. It’s all in aid of a major renovation, which Property Steward Nancy-May Goodwin hopes will make it,...

Green finance or greenwashing?

Finance professional John Curran will be Talking Money at Audlem’s Climate and Nature Event on Saturday, 18 September 2021 between 10 am and 4 pm at the Buttermarket. One of the most effective climate...

ACER Resources live for Earth Day
22/04/2021 – ACER team

ACER is marking Earth Day, 22nd April 2021, by launching its Resources tab, giving residents of Audlem & District access to all the information needed to fight against climate change and make a better...

Other News
ACER Ready Steady Go!

A leaflet is dropping through letterboxes in Audlem, Buerton and Hankelow signalling the launch of ACER, the Audlem Carbon Emissions Reduction project. Recently,

Guides Challenge the Village!
21/11/2020 – Kay Hodson

Audlem Guides have a vision. A cleaner, greener, more sustainable future. From our window display challenging plastic consumption last year, to working with TerraCycle

Plastic – what's the problem?
30/11/2020 – Kay Hodson

Viewed as a wondrous new invention when it was first made, although scientific evidence now shows it as a planet destroyer. To think that every piece of plastic

Rising to the Climate Emergency
05/12/2020 – Roger Cole

We need to imagine a positive future for the climate or we can't create it, says Paul Allen an engineer and researcher from the Centre for Alternative Technology

Electric car experiences
08/12/2020 – ADAPT Energy Group

At the 2019 Audlem Festival of Transport, ADAPT's Energy Group participated with a display of electric cars and was amazed and encouraged by the tremendous interest

Howard's Heat Pump Story
08/12/2020 – Howard Hilton

We are anticipating some £300 from the Government later in the month -- and the same quarterly for the next seven years! This time last year we decided to

New Climate Change Committee report
14/01/2021 – Andy Hannah

December 2020 saw the publishing of the UK's sixth carbon budget recommendation by the Climate Change Committee (CCC), the government's independent expert

Every Little Helps
23/02/2021 – Linda Hough

I got a shock today. Wow! My environmental footprint just got smaller! But how? Well, first of all I re-did the World Wildlife Fund Footprint Calculator to compare

Post-Covid will we fly as before?
02/03/2021 – Andy Hannah

Air travel is carbon emissions intensive and is one of the main areas where individual choices can make a big difference to your influence on carbon emissions. So,

Carbon footprint and gardening
10/03/2021 – Roger Cole

As we start to emerge from the pandemic and the Brexit separation from the EU is completed it is to be hoped that the government will take note of the demands to

23/03/2021 – Jane Marshall

I asked a few friends and relatives how they think working from home has affected their carbon footprint. Both our sons are self-employed. One son is a marine engineer

Guides protecting our environment
01/04/2021 – Daisy Brazier

My name is Daisy Brazier and I am a 1st Audlem Guide. From a young age I have had an interest in protecting our environment. It started with my love for animals

Gardening without peat

We must all move to peat-free potting composts where we use compost for our seed and plant growing. Reading the April issue of the RHS ‘The Garden’ magazine

Audlem's Climate and Nature Event

ACER announcesAudlem'sClimate and Nature Event to be held on Saturday, 18 September 2021 at the Buttermarket in The Square. The groups involved in ACER are organising

Climate and nature event update

On Saturday, 18 September there are things to do, people to meet and tips and gifts to take away! Come and join in 9 things we can all do about climate change at

Speak up for nature!

One thing we can all do about climate change is to make our voice heard by those in power. For example, by writing to our MPs to let them know that action on climate

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