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Every Little Helps
23/02/2021 – Linda Hough

I got a shock today. Wow! My environmental footprint just got smaller! But how? Well, first of all I re-did the World Wildlife Fund Footprint Calculator to compare it to the one I did in January 2020....

New Climate Change Committee report
14/01/2021 – Andy Hannah

December 2020 saw the publishing of the UK's sixth carbon budget recommendation by the Climate Change Committee (CCC), the government's independent expert advisers on the pathway to its net-zero...

Rising to the Climate Emergency
05/12/2020 – Roger Cole

We need to imagine a positive future for the climate or we can't create it, says Paul Allen an engineer and researcher from the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) at Machynlleth. He gave the North...

Plastic – what's the problem?
30/11/2020 – Kay Hodson

Viewed as a wondrous new invention when it was first made, although scientific evidence now shows it as a planet destroyer. To think that every piece of plastic you have ever consumed still exists. The...

Guides Challenge the Village!
21/11/2020 – Kay Hodson

Audlem Guides have a vision. A cleaner, greener, more sustainable future. From our window display challenging plastic consumption last year, to working with TerraCycle to recycle more waste, to our Challenge...

Your Carbon Footprint

"If we can't express what we know in the form of numbers, we really don't know much about it." So said Lord Kelvin, the 19th century mathematician. He may have been wide of the mark on...

Other News
ACER Ready Steady Go!

A leaflet is dropping through letterboxes in Audlem, Buerton and Hankelow signalling the launch of ACER, the Audlem Carbon Emissions Reduction project. Recently,

Electric car experiences
08/12/2020 – ADAPT Energy Group

At the 2019 Audlem Festival of Transport, ADAPT's Energy Group participated with a display of electric cars and was amazed and encouraged by the tremendous interest

Howard's Heat Pump Story
08/12/2020 – Howard Hilton

We are anticipating some £300 from the Government later in the month — and the same quarterly for the next seven years! This time last year we decided

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