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We have just had an EV home charging point installed, but we need to have an earth rod fitted. Does anyone have any recommendations for a local electrician to carry out this work?

Following up from my first message...
Our tank has been removed today by bio clean jetting ltd.
A highly professional, quick and reasonably priced service. Would recommend.

Thanks for the info

Hi Shaun. We had a 14Kw ASHP installed in may 2019 by Rural & Country Energy Aldford Chester (0845 643 9900). We were very happy with the installation and subsequent servicing.

We used Rural and Country of Aldford, Chester, and have been satisfied with the preliminaries, the installation and living with the results.

Hi all, we are considering an ASHP and would welcome recommendations for a local company to complete a viability study and possible install. Thanks

"Schumacher introduces his son, Mick, to the world of motor racing" and "TT races cancelled for 2021" caught my eye in the news recently. My father, born 1899, used to sail from Heysham to the Isle of Man for a week at the races in the 1920s. Perhaps as a result he would never let me have a motorbike, although I drooled over (and drew) a big Norton. However, when I was a father myself, I was free to lash out – and buy a second-hand 50cc Honda scooter. It took me and my sixteen year old son to Cornwall and back, across the Severn Bridge and up through Wales, staying in Youth Hostels. Every single one of those 50ccs worked manfully! The next adventurous step up was to an MZ 125cc two-stroke, designed for East German factory workers. Emboldened by two and a half times more Raw Power, Christopher and I went off again, after his A levels, this time to Normandy. He was over six foot by now and beginning to broaden out, but the bike coped well. He showed me the chapel where the Vikings signed a treaty with the French King, which gave them control over norther France, while he could look after the rest, and I showed him some of the magnificent Romanesque Cathedral churches which they built. Falaise, I recall, was full, and the only room the Tourist Office could find was on the second floor of the sort of back street bar which has heavily made up women sitting alone at corner tables, waiting for "company". I don't think Christopher noticed them. The bike stayed in the back yard, where, the proprietor assured me, his Alsatian (the size of a Shetland pony) would ensure nobody messed with it! We love our internal combustion motor vehicles, don't we? Strange to think they are now obsolescent. Your next Bentley will be electric – they are in the showroom now! Starting in motor sport now is like being apprenticed as a coach builder in 1920. How long will Formula 1 and the TT Races last, before the Climate Crisis makes them politically toxic?

HWH 10/12/2020

We went through the same business about 18 months ago. The firm who installed our air-source system were happy to transfer our remaining fuel to our neighbour's tank, and he was happy to have it at an advantageous price. Our relatively new plastic tank we put on AudlemOnline's Buy/Sell list and a person with an older metal tank (beginning to need replacement) was happy to buy ours at a price which suited us both. Result – three happy households!

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