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What was the first thing you did to start reducing your carbon footprint? Mine was LED lighting back in early 2015. Our main living area had 15 halogen lamps simmering away for a lot of the time. Changing to LEDs saved £100 per year which paid back the cost in a few months even back then. And prices have dropped since. That inspired us to convert nearly all of the house to LEDs. After that it was more journeys by cycle, advanced heating controls, a holiday by train instead of plane, an electric car and dropping lamb and beef from our regular diet. But there's so much more we can still do. It all started with a simple and easy first step, though. Why not share your first steps with the 'ACER community'? I'm sure we could all pick up ideas from the conversation.

I have used the WWF calculator to come up with a below average footprint calculation of 9.2 tonnes; this takes account of the current limitations on all non essential travel so will go up slightly when lockdown is relaxed. As I have an air source heat pump as the main source of heating for my house I have used the electrical heating option in the calculator; does anyone know if it would be reasonable to claim a lower footprint number due to the better efficiency of the heat pump over more traditional electric heating.

We're due to have our oil boiler replaced with an air source heat pump in the new year. The company will be draining our 2500L oil tank, ready for removal, but not are not able to take it away.
Does anyone have any ideas for a company that can remove it and dispose of it appropriately?

Welcome from the ACER team! We're looking forward to hearing your experiences, comments and questions. Why not start a conversation now?

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