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What is ACER?

The ACER project is here to help the people of Audlem contribute to the UK's net-zero carbon emission ambition in any way they can.

Taking the pledge!

At Audlem's Climate and Nature Event on Saturday, 18 September 2021, Audlem WI invited visitors to pledge to save water, save energy and reduce food waste. The WI's display had information about how to achieve all three. Visitors could put sticky dots on charts to make their pledges. These dots joined many already pledged by Audlem WI members...

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Great Big Green Week in Audlem

Audlem's Climate and Nature Event kicked off the national Great Big Green Week on Saturday, 18 September 2021. ACER groups 1st Audlem Guides, Audlem WI, Audlem Wildlife and Ecology Group (AWEG) and ADAPT set up displays and activities at the Buttermarket in the centre of Audlem. Nearby, Audlem Methodist Church opened its doors for visitors to see...

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Regenerating nature in Audlem
29/09/2021 – Roger Cole

ACER ideas on local actions that can be taken to both reduce Carbon Footprints and stem the increasing loss of biodiversity. The UN COP15 Biodiversity conference in China in October 2021 and April-May 2022 will hopefully look at the bigger picture such as rainforest destruction and the overfishing of the oceans. The recent House of Commons biodiversity...

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Renovating for climate and nature

You might have seen the scaffolding, skips and hard hats around Audlem Methodist Church recently. It’s all in aid of a major renovation, which Property Steward Nancy-May Goodwin hopes will make it, “the greenest church in Cheshire, if not the North-West!” You can see for yourself by popping in to see the work in progress as part of...

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Green finance or greenwashing?

Finance professional John Curran will be Talking Money at Audlem’s Climate and Nature Event on Saturday, 18 September 2021 between 10 am and 4 pm at the Buttermarket. One of the most effective climate actions you can do is to invest your money wisely. In this article John asks how transparent or ‘green’ are UK financial institutions...

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What you can do right now

Getting started is easy! Learn about your own 'carbon footprint' by using the WWF environmental footprint calculator.

It's so easy to use, needs no figures from bills and is finished in a few minutes.

This simple tool gives an insight into what can make a difference. Explore the tips on cutting emissions in areas such as food, home energy, travel and 'stuff'.

Start cutting your carbon footprint today!

Use the WWF Footprint Calculator or just search for 'wwf footprint'.

Why we must cut our carbon emissions

The United Nations warns of the catastrophic impact of global warming and the urgent need to act over the next decade.

The UK agrees and is committed to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Action by government and business is essential but experts say over half of the emission reductions needs the involvement of ordinary people like us.

Start cutting your carbon footprint today!

Future generations will be irreparably damaged if we fail to act now.

Help Audlem in the fight against climate change.

Make a better future for our children.

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